If you are looking to install a swimming pool at your place, you must have an amazing plan to decorate it beautifully. These days, there are numerous features available that you can install in your pool. Whether you are installing the pool for relaxing, bonding with friends and family, playing pool games, or staying healthy and fit, you must leverage these features to their fullest potential. Today, we will outline some such cool features that you may use in your swimming pool.


The grotto is a popular feature in most of the family and amusement parks’ pools. Kids love to swim into it under a tiny waterfall and play games like the pirates. Adults can also enjoy the scenic beauty of such places privately. You can also add a spa or in-pool chair & table to take your relaxation to the next level.

Tanning ledge 

It is a feature that finds many usages in a swimming pool. It provides a shallow area where children and adults can enjoy sunbathing and cool water splashing. You can add a table, chair, umbrella, etc. to personalize the place.

Lazy River

It is an exclusive design especially for water parks and hotel resorts. Now even residential properties install these in the backyards. You can enjoy it with inflatable floats and also play games.

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Pool Bench 

The pool bench is mainly an entertaining area that you can add to the sides of your pool. It gives a perfect place for people to hang out and also play pool games. These have different sizes and depths. You can use the bench with a spreading area and pool. It is an amazing alternative if you don’t want to mess with the swimming area.

Amusement parks, hotels, and swimming pools in any commercial property have this feature. This allows people to enjoy the poolside view without affecting the swimming area.

Water Slides 

If you want to enhance the beauty of your pool and add an element that creates an effect of the oasis, you must install water slides in your pool. Such a feature lasts for a long time. Both the adults and the children can use and enjoy the feature. It can also be combined with a waterfall.

Splash Pads 

If you have kids in your family, you can consider launching this one. It ensures that the water is not stagnant.

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