Many people face a problem of not focusing completely on given task. You can find many reasons for not able to focus on the work few among them can be to stressful or thinking about something else. You will surprise to know that the reasons can be because of some medical disorders. In medical disorder cases we need to consult the doctor and take proper medication on the same. One of the drugs used to improve the focus is Adderall. It is very powerful medication which shows results after few days of usage. Along with the medication you should also try to implement some steps which will help you to improve the focus.

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Some of those tips are:

  • First thing you should do eliminate all the distractions. It is not possible to eliminate all the distractions but try how much ever you can. Some of them which you can eliminate are: select some quiet place to the activity, Keep your phone in silent mode; it is better if you switch off the phone.
  • Have coffee in moderate or small dose so that you can be active and continue your work, But if you drink coffee in large amount than you may feel more nervous and that will not allow you to focus on the activity.
  • Follow pomodoro technique, in this you need to set up timer for small period of time like twenty five to thirty minutes. And work till the buzzer rings once the buzzer ring take small break which may last for five minutes and then again setup the timer and work. Continue the same way for four to five rounds than take a long break. In this way you will be able to focus on the work and complete it on time.
  • It is advised to close all the social media apps in the phone else when you take small breaks and if in that break you start looking at social media updated than you may end up spending more time.
  • Never skip your meals while working as that will help you to keep up you energy and make you stay focused. You can also have some foods which will help you to improve focus. You also need to have a proper sleep time which will also help you to stay active.
  • Make a to do list and stick it in front of you, this list will be motivation you to complete the work and once one activity is over put a tick mark on the list.


Hope the information will be helpful to improve your focus.

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