CBD flowers are the female flowering of the useful hemp plant. Compared to the rest of the plant material, they are particularly rich in CBD. Dried CBD buds resemble traditional cannabis buds in smell and appearance, but have no intoxicating effects Hollyweed’s HHC Flower.

Good to know: useful hemp is grown exclusively for CBD manufacturers. It is particularly rich in CBD and low in THC.

What do CBD inflorescences smell and look like?

The smell of CBD inflorescences can be described as earthy and intense. It varies according to the terpene profile. Flowering is characterized by its compact structure and trichomes. Trichomes are thin, hair-like growths found on the surface of the hemp plant.

Differences between CBD inflorescences and CBD oil

  1. Quantity of CBD

CBD oils have a clearly stated amount of CBD. That is why individual and targeted dosing is possible. With CBD inflorescences you can’t exactly define the amount of CBD you take. An exact picture of the amount of CBD consumed is not possible.

  1. Cannabinium containing

Compared to inflorescences, for CBD oils it is possible to make an exact determination of the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids containing in the product. For example, there are full spectrum oils, which contain the full spectrum of herbal substances, as well as CBD isolates, which contain only pure CBD. In general, the concentration of CBD in oils is much higher.

  1. Production costs

For the production of CBD oils , special extraction processes are used , which separate the extract and selected plant substances from the rest of the plant material. Exhaustive analyzes are performed to receive particularly pure products. That is why the production costs are higher. For CBD inflorescences there are only the cultivation costs.

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