Choosing the right product sourcing agency for your business can result in significant benefits for your supply chain. For businesses that have had difficulties managing their international supply chains and/or scaling them, outsourcing also provides a way to manage international logistics and reduce risk. So, what should you look for when choosing a product sourcing agency?

Do they have the specific experience you need?

All product sourcing agencies will claim to have the experience and expertise to support your business. But, it is important for you to know whether that agency has worked with companies similar to yours or in industries similar to yours. You should request testimonials from potential suppliers and engage with them on a regular basis. If a specific industry or business is new for the agency they may need to take extra time to educate themselves and come up to speed.

Do they have the global reach you need?

A major benefit of outsourcing your international sourcing activities is the ability to manage an ever-expanding supply chain. This means not just being able to source products from a number of countries, but also being able to reach suppliers in different time zones. The experience of the product sourcing agents in thailand should include successful efforts to source products from companies across the globe and deliver them to multiple time zones.

Can they provide solutions tailored to your business needs?

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The specific needs of different international businesses vary enormously and so will their needs for outsourcing product sourcing activities. Ask the product sourcing agency what their approach is to meeting those needs. If they don’t have a clear solution for you, find someone who does. Perhaps they can work with you over time until you develop your own process.

How much are they going to charge?

When choosing a product sourcing agency, inquire about how much they charge per order and whether there will be any type of financial threshold before the agency starts charging you anything. Depending on your business, you may need to be prepared to pay quite a bit of money up front to get started.

How long will it take them to make an initial impact?

If you are working with a product sourcing agency without a significant history, they may take some time to ramp up their operations. Depending on how much the product sourcing agency has worked with similar companies in the past, this may be more challenging for less established agencies and it may require more work on their part.

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