It takes much more than just washing and re-waxing an old floor to bring it back to its former glory. To remove the old finish and prepare the floor for refinishing, the commercial floor cleaning services in Tampa use quick-acting and deeply penetrating chemicals. In addition, they provide the most environmentally friendly treatments available to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning. A polymer-based finish is applied after the hardwood floor has been stripped, and it creates a shield, preventing harm to the wood floor. This makes it much simpler to keep the floor looking good. As a bonus, it provides a lovely sheen that becomes a part of your home design.

To gather loose dirt carried in by foot activity, remove embedded dirt or stuck-in filth that may have harmed the surface of your flooring, and restore the sheen of your floors to make them seem like new;they use comprehensive cleaning methods. The experts will enhance the indoor air quality of your site by cleaning your floors using microfiber equipment and eliminating dust and other pollutants from the surface of the floor.

There are various features of professional cleaning service

Many factors contribute to the success of commercial hard surface floor cleaning services. Although it is entertaining to experiment with restorations on your own, only a tiny percentage of people can achieve professional results. If you are considering repairing your office surfaces on your own to save money and have a sense of adventure, you should know that the work, time, and money you put into the restoration kit will be entirely in vain if you do not follow through.

Your hard floor care maintenance programme is planned out by experts a full year in advance. When arranging the services, they consider floor traffic, your budget, and the specific requirements of your company.

Your floor cleaning schedule has been meticulously planned such that heavy traffic areas get more attention and care than low traffic areas. Needless to say, while establishing the annual calendar, they also make sure to keep the services within the budget you have set. They can also advise you on commercial and office cleaning maintenance methods to ensure that your hard floors have the finest, longest-lasting appearance possible.

Cleaning services from Stratus Clean is there to assist you at any time. They have a good reputation, are trustworthy, and provide the finest services. When hiring a carpet cleaning business, it is essential to remember that it is not only about the price. However, it is crucial to consider the overall quality of the service you are getting.

Commercial hard floor cleaning services are beneficial for all floors and are especially helpful in areas with many foot activities. Hardwood floors, in particular, need professional maintenance since they wear out quickly and must have their sheen and glitter maintained regularly. When it comes to preserving hardwood and laminate floors, waxing is an absolute must.


The business hard floor cleaning services are intended to bring back the gleam and radiance that the floors had when the building was first constructed, if possible. Floor cleaning should be performed using the proper cleaning techniques suggested by the flooring manufacturer.

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