During the sleep cycle, there are few stages of sleep and they are based on the characteristics of the brain and body when sleeping. In general, brainwave frequencies and amplitudes from an electroencephelogram (EEG), as well as other biologic rhythms such as eye movements (EOG) and muscular movements, are used to differentiate the various stages of sleep (EMG). Buy cbd gummies for sleep and now we can see 4 stage of sleep in detail.

Stage 1

This stage, of the Sleep Cycle Non-REM Sleep Stage 1 is the lightest stage of the sleep cycle. The EEG brain frequency is slightly slower than it is while you are awake. Breathing happens at a consistent rate.

Sleeping Stage 2

Stage 2 represents deeper sleep. The sleeper is less able to be awakened during Stage 2 sleep. Saw tooth waves and sleep spindles are characteristics of stage 2 sleep. Buy cbd gummies for better sleep and know Can you take CBD gummies before bed?

Sleep Stages 3 and 4

The third and fourth stages of sleep in the sleep cycle are where we get deep sleep. These sleep stages are also known as ‘Slow Wave Sleep’ (SWS) or delta sleep. The EEG indicates a slightly slower frequency with large amplitude impulses during SWS (delta waves).

A sleeper in SWS is frequently difficult to wake up. Also, very loud noises will not awaken some people during SWS. Humans spend less time in slow wave deep sleep and more time in Stage 2 sleep as they age.

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