A property is a house when we purchase it, whether it be a condo or an HDB. It only becomes a home once we finish the renovations, move in, and settle down. However, a makeover is about more than simply closets, floors, and other essential design components; it is also about aesthetics. In reality, the design style, which is essentially a personal choice, is what divides a home from a house. Contemporary hdb design is one of the most popular trends in the city! A modern contemporary interior design has a house with simple lines and a subdued color scheme. In this kind of architecture, sunlight takes precedence. Furthermore, it’s crucial to find sophistication in simplicity. Most surfaces are flat and handleless, and there is frequently a seamless atmosphere.

Are You Conscious About Contemporary Doesn’t Constitute as An Interior Design Style?

The term “contemporary” is used somewhat loosely in the context of fashion. It is more of a design trend than a style. The term “contemporary” basically translates to “here and now.”

In less than ten years, what is currently considered modern might radically change.

Contemporary interior design is, therefore, more of a broad pattern that changes throughout time. In ten years, the definition of a contemporary home will be entirely different from what it is now.

Contemporary hdb design

What Characterizes Modern Contemporary Interior Design? 

The shell of a modern contemporary house design will mirror contemporary architecture. As a result, a straightforward layout with an open floor plan, clean lines, and huge windows is to be expected. Using or emphasizing clean lines is one of the most distinguishing features of current minimalist home design. Furniture with no decorations has smooth surfaces and streamlined shapes with clear lines. Though most of the furniture in a room is plain, one statement item is usually in an intense color or shape. The lighting is less decorative and more naked and harsh. Straight-cut floor lamps and geometric pendant lights are fashionable.


The 1950s to 1960s are specifically referred to in basic contemporary house design. Mid-century modern is a term used to describe this style since it was popular in the middle of the 20th century. Modern design gave rise to and continues to be popular with concepts like “less is more” and “form follows function.” The confusion between current and modern design might occasionally be attributed to this.

The contrast between the two is that contemporary is not a specific interior design style but rather an amalgamation of current design components such as contemporary architecture).

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