When you’re facing issues in your relationship and thinking about divorce, you may wonder how your background will affect the outcome of your case, especially in family court. Houston family law attorneys can help you make sure that you are treated fairly when it comes to your case and settlement, but there are cultural issues that can affect your case as well including expectations, values and ethics. Keep reading to learn more about how culture can impact family law decisions in Houston.

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Patterson Legal is an excellent family law firm serving Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Our team is made up of skilled lawyers who can help you with all aspects of your divorce case. No matter how complicated your situation might be, we’re here to advocate for your rights and seek a favorable outcome.

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Understanding Cultural Influences

The first thing to consider when looking at cultural influences is what kind of culture you’re dealing with. One of the biggest mistakes Houston family law attorneys and judges make is assuming that all cultural groups think and act alike. Let’s take a look at some of those groups. First, we have Asian-Americans. According to Pew Research Center, there are more than 17 million Asian-Americans living in America today. Second, we have Hispanics. According to Pew Research Center again, there are more than 55 million Hispanics living in America today. Third, we have African-Americans. According to Pew Research Center yet again (they really like their data), there are more than 45 million African Americans living in America today.

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity

The American family has changed significantly since 1950. Whereas many people used to get married and then have kids, more than half of U.S. children today are born to unmarried parents and fewer people tie-the-knot at all. Given these changes, it’s no surprise that our legal system is struggling to keep up with how best to handle family law cases. But what does it mean for you if you’re facing a divorce or child custody battle? And how can you ensure that your case is handled fairly?

Examples of Common Challenges and Mistakes

Social expectations, language barriers, and cultural beliefs can all complicate matters for a party going through a divorce. Many clients don’t realize how much influence culture has on their behavior until they’re faced with having to make important decisions during their separation or divorce.

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