Becoming a fan of some popular show is easy. But predicting those characters and increasing your success rates is thrilling and yeah off course this is going to happen over there. As a player, you are going to hit on the games button and start predicting the character that you love. Sure it will be something different and unique.

Tips for players

 How to play in this game, if this was your question then here are the guidelines and when you followed this it will double up your happiness.

  • First, click on the celebrities or games that you love to take part in. Once when you hit there you can find a list of series.
  • Take some time for investigating the details and idea in which you are going to get linked and start playing.
  • When you click on the link there you can find a gist. After reading that hit on the start button and there you can find out an image.
  • Below the images, you can find the names you have to start identifying them accurately.

For each successful move, you will get a score. As well for the wrong answer, you will get a red mark. This will let you know about the character instantly.


How can you change as a celebrity?

It will be sure something interesting, inside this you will get a chance to check out the photos and find the celebrities childhood photos. Your correct prediction will boost up with points. Not only that you will also get a chance for predicting out the song and other features instantly. It acts as a hub where numerous celebrity details and data are listed.

  • Your correct prediction lets you pinpoint that actually they are. If your choice is wrong you will get a chance to find the correct one.
  • By choosing a particular song you can start predicting the Bias. It will be quite thrilling and gifts a new opportunity.

Sure this type of quiz game will let you for understanding more things in detail within a short time. You will also get a chance to start learning everything in the play way method.


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