Why are you buying AI P-mag extensions? The answer is easy, it helps protect the bottom of your magazine, especially when you are using it. It can increase the capacity of the magazines. Once your magazines get dropped, it instantly protects the button, which is its great job.

For anyone who wants to protect the bottom of your magazine, the AI O-mag extension is an excellent accessory to buy. In times of unwanted incidents like your mags getting dropped, then you can be sure and confident that it can’t be damaged. It is entirely protected by P-mag.

Where to find quality P-mag extension

Switchview USA offers AICS P-mag extensions for sale. The AI P-mag extensions are designed for protecting the bottom of your magazine. The special pre-order offered has lower pricing. Ordering the item can be made online as well as the payment. The shipping period is fast, which will arrive soon at your doors.

There might be times that the mags get dropped unexpectedly. So, protecting it is a big plus for the mags not to get damaged and not to get scratched. Easy protection is easy when you use Switchview. There is no problem with the cleaning or maintenance of the accessory because it is super easy to disassemble.

The P-mag extension weighs 1.00lbs. So, it is very lightweight and very easy to bring with you. Either you are going to the firing range to practice or for work purposes, it can be useful. One great feature of P-mag is the fitting. It fits well with any magazine, which means it is very versatile.

What is a P-mag?

For those who are confused about what P-mag stands for, then the letter P stands for polymer. P-mags are the first polymer magazine that is considered a masterpiece. Yes, it is not a piece of junk that anyone can just be ignored. Polymer magazines existed previously but only for the M4 and M16 platforms.

However, those typically sucked.

The purpose of mag extension

The modern pistols have been upgraded. The standard capacity of magazines is now carrying more rounds compared to before. Magazine extensions are an excellent easy fix to fill the gap, which will give more firepower with no added bulk. When using your pistol for defensive situations, then you can have more rounds on you.

How to best experience P-mags?

Before buying P-mags, you need to make sure that you are buying in Switchview USA. It is a reputable company with a good track record. The reliability of the magazine extension is very important. What is the sense of buying it when it is unreliable and causes malfunctions? It could be a waste of time and money.

Adding more rounds to your mag is a wide decision but you should pick an upgraded spring of mag extensions.

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